We provide professional services in the following areas:

Condominium & Single-Family Community Scope Of Service


Personal Service

We believe that personal service is paramount to building a strong community.  Horizon Management proactively engages with residents to build lasting relationships.  Our entrepreneurial spirit combined with our financial and project management experience provides our communities with measurable results.


Administrative Services

We provide a comprehensive operations support network for your community. Together with the board, it is our fiduciary responsibility to work to improve property values and the quality of life for residents.  Our core support services include:

  • association budget and financial planning assistance
  • board meeting assistance including scheduling of facilities, agenda compilation and distribution, attendance by Horizon Management staff and circulation of minutes
  • management of all inbound and outbound communications including voice calls, emails, faxes, texts and paper correspondence
  • deed restriction administration, enforcement and resolution
  • association dues billing, receipt and delinquency collection
  • financial reporting, budget variance analysis and account reconciliation
  • file and record retention



We use many tools to reach out to our residents.  Horizon Management will stay in touch with your community by leveraging resources such as:

  • your community specific website using message boards, email bulletins, surveys, document posting
  • email and paper mail
  • 24 hour emergency response via live operator call center


Community Project Development Services

Horizon Management and your board of directors will take a proactive role to enhance the value of the property. At Horizon Management, we believe that it is our responsibility to stay engaged within the community and provide project development services to accomplish:

  • community needs and wants evaluation and assessment
  • community project plan development and implementation
  • contractor/vendor bidding, selection and competitive project price negotiation


Maintenance Services

It is vitally important that your community looks its best.  Facilities and grounds will be well maintained and kept in attractive and safe working order. Service Orders are tracked with our 212 Property Management database and status reports are posted on your property website.  Our comprehensive maintenance program includes:

  • handyman for general property maintenance
  • regular property cleaning with trained staff
  • annual fire suppression inspections and testing (condominium)
  • weekly update of tele-entry system which includes issuing resident codes and remote controls
  • regular inspection and maintenance of domestic water system, elevator(s) and common HVAC units
  • exterior window cleaning and common grounds power washing (condominium)
  • 24/7 plumber, electrician and cleanup services as needed (condominium)
  • water, electricity, landscaping, trash and other service contract negotiation
  • regular property inspection to review deed restriction compliance, appearance, condition and curb appeal


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